About us

Webmarketing.World was founded in 2012 by seasoned europeans entrepreneurs to help customers hire, manage, and pay remote webmarketing professionals. In their previous companies, Webmarketing.World's founders experienced first-hand the challenges of managing global teams. They learned that, while many companies sought to tap the global labor market, few had the resources to create offshore subsidiaries, or the desire to outsource key parts of the business. There was no solution on the market to help companies seamlessly add remote workers to their local teams.

With this goal in mind, they built the Webmarketing.World Virtual Desk, the first web-based remote management solution. The Virtual Desk is a comprehensive suite of web applications that lets customers supervise remote workers, communicate in real-time, and collaborate using standard development tools.

With the technology in place, oDesk has developed a network of technology professionals from over 15 countries with skills ranging from SEO to SEA, Facebook Ads to RTB, Google Analytics to Google Tag Manager, Emailing to eCRM and optimization. Webmarketing.World's professionals work in the Webmarketing.World Virtual Desk, which tracks their time, and charges customer by the hour.

Webmarketing.World customers reap the benefits of offshore outsourcing without the drawbacks. Like outsourcing firms, Webmarketing.World offers customers access to a wide range of skills at the best rates available. Unlike outsourcing firms, Webmarketing.World offers:

Directly managed workers - no need for a liaison
Virtual Desk technology - that makes remote management easy
Verified timelogs - pay by the hour and never get overcharged
Onshore and offshore talent - assemble the best teams

Webmarketing.World offers the people and the technology that companies need to stay ahead of the competition – a complete global staffing solution.